BDCT Monthly Catch and Release Fishing Competition

  • For Kids 16 years old and below 

Step 1 - Catch, video and release your fish 

We will let you know on the first day of every Month what the new hand sign is. Take a quick video with your best catch with the current hand sign and then release the fish. This is just to let us know the fish was caught during the current Month.

Step 2 - Send the video 

Upload the video to the BDCT Monthly Catch and Release Fishing Competion facebook page. 


Step 3 - Wait for prizes to be drawn

Prizes for 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th will be drawn on the third day of every new Month 

Monthly Prizes 

Browndog's Custom Tackle, along with other Aussie Bait makers will be providing packets of Soft Plastic Fishing Baits and new / used fishing gear for first, second, third and fourth prizes.

The competition Month of December will be the big one! - 

A BDCT starter kit worth $389.00 for first prize. Other prizes for December will be announced later. 

WIN -New and Used fishing gear 
WIN - Soft Plastic Baits
WIN - Bait making gear 
           Basic Rules:

1. Must be 16 years and under

2. Must hold up current hand sign 

3. Must release the fish (understand if it didnt do well on the way u

4. For the December competions you must have entered in at least 2 previous Months to win first prize